The PAC meets on a quarterly basis to review the organization's progress towards the goals set forth in the yearly business plan and to craft the future vision of the Cal TF. The PAC meetings are not open to the public but meeting agendas and most meeting materials are posted on this page five business days after each meeting. Some PAC materials are submitted to PAC members for review and discussion but are not available generally for public review.


June 17, 2019

Presentation: PAC Update

May 20, 2019

Presentation: PAC Update

May 13, 2019

Presentation: PAC Update

December 2018

Presentation: Cal TF Visioning
Presentation: eTRM Future Enhancements
Draft 2019 Business Plan
Presentation: New Measures

November 2018

Presentation: 2018 Goals Update

July 2018

ACR Scoping Ruling

June 2018

Presentation: eTRM

April 2018

Presentation: 2018 eTRM Advocacy Master Slide Deck
2018 eTRM One Page Overview

September 2017


July 2017

2017 Business Plan: Q2 Progress Report
Cal TF Technical Position Paper (TPP) No. 9: Statewide Measure Development Guidelines and Internal QA/QC Procedures
Cal TF Measure Journey Flow Chart

April 2017

Q1 Progress Report on 2017 Business Plan
IOU/POU Data Flows
Strategic Measure Consolidation Plan
Measure Review/Consolidation Process
Measure Consolidation: Technical Analysis
2017 Business Plan (previously circulated)
eTRM Bid Evaluation Procedure (without attachments)
2017 Statewide Measure List

January 2017

California Technical Position Paper (TPP) No. 8: Measure Development and Update Processes
Comparison Exhibit for Technical Position Paper 8
2018 Draft Business Plan - California Technical Forum

December 2016

Cal TF Staff Review of New Measure Review Process:  Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future
2017 Business Plan
Q4 Report Out

October 2016

Q3 Progress on 2016 Business Plan
Final Cal TF/CPUC Staff "Next Steps" Memo
eTRM Work Plan - Draft (not public)
eTRM RFP - Draft (not public)
2017 Cal TF Business Plan (Draft)

July 2016

eTRM Implementation Details
Joint eTRM "Next Steps" Memo (will be posted when finalized)
Update on 2016 Business Plan

May 2016

Progress Towards 2016 Cal TF Business Plan Goals
Update on Measure Review
Future TF Member Commitments and 2016 RFQ Process
2016 Business Plan with Updated Task 3b: eTRM Implementation
Draft eTRM Threshold Technical Issues Memo

December 2015

Savings To Code Lunch Presentation
2015 Business Plan: Q4 Progress Report
TPP1: Savings to Code Subcommittee
TPP2: Electronic TRM Proposal
TPP3: Modeling Engine Comparison
TPP4: Defining "Best Available Data" 
TPP5: Limiting Measure Complexity
Updated Proposed 2016 Business Plan
Working 2016 Measure List

October 2015

2015 Business Plan: Q3 Progress Report
DEER Alternative Presentation
DEER Alternative One-Pager
Proposed 2016 Business Plan
Proposed Language For Operations Manual: PAC Review of Technical Work

September 2015

Meeting Notes
EnergyPlus as an Alternative to DOE 2.2
Update on Cal TF Business Plan Objectives
Ex Ante Alternatives: Current Review Process Compared to Policy Goals
Ex Ante Alternatives: TRM Best Practices Research
Ex Ante Alternatives: Path Forward
Proposed Policy for PAC Review of Technical Work
Proposed Additions to Operations Manual
Cal TF First Year Report 

April 2015

Meeting Notes
Progress on 2015 Business Plan Presentation
Ex Ante Value Development: Current Practice - Future Vision Presentation

December 2014

Meeting Notes
2014 Achievements Presentation
Update on Soliciting CPUC Staff Feedback
2015 Draft Business Plan, updated December 9th, 2014: Final 2015 Business Plan
2015 Draft Business Plan: List of Proposed Cross-Cutting Technical Position Papers
Cal TF Subcommittee Presentation

October 2014

Meeting Notes
Draft 2015 Work Plan Presentation
Draft Operations Manual Presentation
Draft Operations Manual
Measure Selection and Subcommittee Process Presentation
DEER Requirements Presentation
Measure Complexity Presentation
Progress Towards Meeting 2014 Goals Presentation

June 2014

Meeting Notes
Mission Vision Strawman
Energy Policy Presentation
CPUC Language Presentation 
Draft Workpaper Template
Draft Abstract Template
Working Cal TF Process Flowchart
Working Cal TF Process Flowchart Companion Document

January 2014

Meeting Notes 
Cal TF Organizational Chart
"Old" vs. "New" Workpaper Process Comparison
DAWG and Cal TF Relationship Documents
2014 Business Plan including Mission and Metrics
TF RFQ Materials 

December 2013

Meeting Notes
Cal TF Overview Presentation
Draft Cal TF Charter
Draft Cal TF Bylaws
Draft Cal TF Conflict of Interest Policy
Draft Cal TF Code of Independence/Code of Conduct
2014 Business Plan