The Cal TF has developed an electronic Technical Reference Manual, known as the eTRM. The eTRM is an online relational database that, once approved, will serve as the repository for all statewide deemed measures. This new state-of-the art, best-in-class eTRM platform will ensure the transparency and accessibility of all ex ante deemed measures, and will streamline the implementation and reporting workflow processes. Moreover, the eTRM supports the policy goals of the new California implementation framework where third-party implementation contractors will design and implement 60% of the portfolio by 2022 (as per D. 18-01-004).

The eTRM was launched and became open to the public on January 2, 2019. All CPUC-statewide measures will be published and available in the eTRM by August of 2019.  POU versions of these measures will also be published at that time.


The Cal TF has consolidated utility-specific workpapers and measures (from both the IOUs and POUs) into statewide consistent measures that will be available in the eTRM to all program administrators in California. Each statewide measure is fully described in non-technical terms with clear descriptions of the base and measure case scenarios, code requirements, program requirements, energy and demand impact calculations, cost analysis, and other relevant information.

The measure consolidation was conducted by the Cal TF and subcommittees of subject matter experts and utility representatives in a transparent process that was open to the public. The 2018 Cal TF Subcommittees page contains an archive of measure consolidation presentations.  

The consolidated measures that will be included in the IOU portfolios (beginning in 2020) will be submitted to the CPUC monthly through June of 2019; these measures are expected to be approved by the CPUC and available in the eTRM by August of 2019.