This page includes information on deemed energy efficiency measures used in California. 

Statewide workpaper list  
ACCURATE as of august 1, 2016

Cal TF staff updates the statewide workpaper list on a monthly basis with input from California's Energy Efficiency Program Administrators. The statewide list contains mostly IOU workpapers but will be expanded to include workpapers developed by non-IOU entities as possible. The spreadsheet contains the following information:

  • Existing workpapers: workpapers that support implemented measures
  • New workpapers: workpapers under development to support forthcoming measure offerings
  • Retired workpapers:  workpapers that support measures that are no longer offered, or were not launched


(Workpapers, 2015 DEER, CMUA TRM)

This rough statewide measure list was compiled based on high-level measure descriptions found in workpapers (list above), 2015 DEER (READi v.2.1.0) and the California Municipal Utility Association's Technical Reference Manual. Comments on this list are welcome and can be sent to Cal TF staff.