In consultation with the TF and PAC, Cal TF staff develops templates, checklists, guidelines, and other tools to facilitate the development of high-quality energy savings estimates and measures.  


Style Guide

Workpaper Presentation Template

Subcommittee Summary Template

Crosscutting Technical Position Paper Template

General Cal TF Presentation Template

Public Comment Template


DEER Requirements Memorandum

Savings to Code Technical Position Paper


2018 Business Plan

2017 Business Plan

2016 Business Plan

2015 Business Plan

Operations Manual, Version 1.0

Codes of Independence and Conduct

Interim Workpaper Policy

Subcommittee Procedure


TPP No. 1:  Capturing Savings to Code: Proposed Framework and Examples

TPP No. 2: Electronic TRM Proposal

TPP No. 3: Case for Using EnergyPlus as "Default" Modeling Engine for the "Electronic TRM" Project

TPP No. 4: Using Best Available Data to Determine Deemed Savings

TPP No. 5: Reducing Measure Complexity

TPP No. 6: Overlapping Measure Consolidation Process (Prior to eTRM Placement)

DRAFT TPP No. 7: Statewide Measure Development Guidelines and Internal QA/QC Procedures

DRAFT TPP No. 8: Proposed Statewide Measure Development and Measure Update Processes


Cal TF Staff Comments on Phase II Workshop I of R. 13-11-005


Technical Reference Manuals Best Practices from Across the Nation to Inform the Creation of the California Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM)

California Technical Forum (Cal TF): A New Collaborative for Developing Savings Estimates for California

Savings To Code: Looking to Whole Systems for Implementing Existing Conditions Baselines