Tom Eckhart 

Chief Executive Officer, UCONS LLC

Tom has been in the energy efficiency industry for more than 20 years and an energy and power engineer for more than 50. As Chair of the National Association of Energy Service Companies residential committee since 1995, Tom has been instrumental in the development of regional and national evaluation protocols and standards designed to bring higher credibility to residential programs. UCONS LLC, the company he founded in 1992, provides water and energy efficiency services to the underserved apartment, small commercial, and mobile home sectors. UCONS has supported 10 utilities with comprehensive multifamily and water/energy programs that have reached over 400,000 customers in California, Idaho, Washington, Utah and Oregon.

 Tom has a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the US Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point), a Masters in Nuclear Science from the University of Washington, and an MBA in finance from the University of Pittsburgh.