Yeshpal Gupta 

Engineering Manager, Lincus Energy

Yeshpal started developing energy efficiency workpapers for California utilities when he first joined Lincus Energy in 2007 while also pursuing Doctoral Degree from Arizona State University. He has been involved in the process since it was first implemented in the state and has participated in the development of over 100 workpapers. In his current role as the Engineering Manager, Yeshpal manages a team of 12 engineers that provides technical support to California and Arizona IOUs with custom energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Yeshpal performs technical work as well and interacts with utilities, regulators, implementers, and customers. Throughout his career in energy efficiency, Yeshpal has become an expert in energy modeling software, such as eQuest, Energy Pro, the Department of Energy (DOE)/California Energy Commission (CEC) tools, and other in-depth analysis tools for energy and demand saving calculations for retrofit and new construction projects. Yeshpal is also an accredited lead GHG verifier for California Air Resource Board.

Yeshpal completed his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2011. He also has a Master of Science in Thermal Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rajasthan.